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Eye-Catching Signage for Every Space

For retail operators that want to optimize shelf space to increase revenue with last mile promotions, BenQ’s Stretch Displays are the leading choice. Every Stretch Display comes packaged with X-Sign, BenQ’s exclusive signage management software. X-Sign makes it easy to design, display, and replace dynamic content, such as videos and scrolling text, which are more efficient than static ads. More importantly, BenQ’s Stretch Displays provide an ideal combination of hardware features. Especially designed to fit on shelves, BenQ Stretch Display is a perfect match for numerous retail configurations. Meanwhile, having Android built in means that BenQ Stretch Displays are truly plug-and-play, all-in-one devices – no external media player, external speakers, or unsightly cables required. Furthermore, anti-reflective glass-coated screens lend the Stretch Display series of displays a fashionable allure that integrates seamlessly into boutique and high-end retail operations.

All-in-One, Clutter Free Solution

Android Built-In

Built-in Android means that BenQ BH3801 is ready to work as soon as operators plug it in. There’s no need to hook it up to a PC or other device to serve content, and embedded speakers provide for BH3801’s audio needs. With no cables to hide, the all-in-one BH3801 fits neatly on shelves and reduces clutter.

USB Plug & Play

BH3801’s plug-and-play simplicity enables you to access and play multimedia files directly from a USB flash drive. Requiring no PC connection or complicated cable setup, BH3801 ensures a holistic shopping experience with the most hassle-free installation.

Elegant, Durable Stretch Display

Anti-Reflective Glass

BenQ BH3801’s display is covered with high-performance anti-reflective glass that ensures content is always vibrant and clear. With a beautiful design that looks like an integral part of the shelves it sits on, BH3801 can confer a distinctive premium atmosphere to retail outlets and boost brand positioning.

High Brightness

At 1000 nits brightness, striking colors and clarity still can be provided even in brightly lit environments, which allows BH3801 to fully support your indoor and semi-outdoor applications.